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  YT1B1A Sheet-Fed Flexo Printing(Coating)
    ◆Scope of Application◆ The sheet –fet partial coating machine is suited for varlous large bulk of paper-packing decoration printing with thick ink layer and bright-color, more suited for the high-speed partial or entire sheet coating. Such as large format sheet,thin or thick paper label, color printing boxes and colorful illustrations, uses water ink,water varnishing and UV varnishing without solution volatility and odor ,and is environment benefit.Unique structure of polishing units makes the print have much even coating layer,higher gloss and better wearability. Moreover,accurate parting can make the color-boxes much more “colorful”. ◆Features◆ ●The whole press adopting the PLC control and electric converter in the printing process having low maintenance. ●With the combination of the unique chamber doctor blade device with 120-160 line/inchporcelain anilox roller and flexo plate cylinder, the amount of surface coating can be accurately controlled. ●Anilox roller driven by individual motor, speed adjusted by the electric converter,speed of the press tracked automatically with roller speed, making the coating surface much evener, The gripper transmitting sheet and the front and side lay guaranteed the special patternscoating. ●Coating plate adopted flexo plate or engraved rubber plate. ●Being configured infrared and ultraviolet drying systems simultaneously. ●Being correspond with the speed of unit type offset press. ◆Performance characteristics◆ 1.The new Zhuji high-speed feeder, to meet the printing requirements of host's maximum 12000 sheets / hour. 2. Vacuum paper feeding plus variable speed feeding mechanism. 3.Using modern high-speed offset printing machine’s gripper mechanism, which is controled by conjugate cam and run with high speed and low noise. 4.Front lay and side lay use photoelectric detection, ultrasonic double sheet detection, and pneumatic interlock mechanism. 5. Two processes, flexography coating gravure printing, are completed in one pass. First unit is flexography (coating), the second unit is a gravure unit. The two units can work at the same time or work alone, can meet various process matching requirements 6. Flexography adopts large diameter anilox rollers and aluminum alloy structured chamber doctor blade with the characteristics of accurate control of ink transfer to meet various coating requirements. 7.Pneumatic on-off mechanism, simple and reliable. 8. The pressure of the flexoplate drum is electrically regulated with digital display, can ensure fast changeover of jobs. 9. The electric regulating mechanism is arranged in the circumferential direction of the gravure plate cylinder, which can meet the requirements of micro-register adjustment. 10. Fully enclosed high speed and low noise rail system. 11. LED-UV dryer of low power consumption and high efficiency. 12. Electrical system can be remotely interconnected to achieve remote device monitoring and diagnostic functions. 13. Up-type delivery with beautiful and stylish new design.
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